Buckhead Beans offers traditional commercial drip brewers found in high-end cafés as well as single-serve Bean-to-Cup brewers. Both provide a café-experience cup of coffee. Every brewer installation includes a water filtration system, and we’ll provide regular maintenance, which together ensures the highest quality brewing results for your office.

Vitro S1

Vitro S1

Vitro S1 is an automatic hot beverage machine designed with the highest quality materials and components found in our top performance professional machines. Its seamless and compact design fits nicely in any coffee area in a small office or waiting room. It is designed to provide the ultimate coffee experience from the first cup to the last.

  • Easy to refill coffee beans and soluble ingredients
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to refill the water tank
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Vitro X5

Vitro X5

The Vitro X5 provides a consistent high quality espresso coffee menu which satisfies the most demanding consumer tastes whilst increasing your menu selections without any effort. Either you provide a Light/ Dark Roast, Upmarket Coffee Blend or Decaf; Double Bean means to double your machine coffee offering – a boost to coffee personalization. The Vitro X5 single cup brewing machine is made of quality noble materials (Stainless and Glass) which provides a contemporary premium looking design that will fit in any environment. Additionally, the machine is easy and quick to maintain, leaving you to focus on what’s more important – your business!

  • User friendly touchless selection
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Different cup sizes
Fetco CBS-2131XTS

Fetco CBS-2131XTS

The Single Station CBS-2131XTS Touchscreen Series Airpot Coffee Brewer is a perfect hot beverage solution for high volume self-service environments such as convenience stores, cafeterias, specialty coffee shops or office coffee service (OCS). Now you can experience total control of this fully featured Extractor® Brewing System via an inviting touchscreen interface display that is intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate.

  • User friendly interface
  • Streamlined programming, diagnostics and metrics
  • Customizable screens
  • Sleek European cabinet design

Dimensions: 25.75”h x 11.74”w x 20.375”d
Weight: 29 lbs
Voltage: 120 (corded or hardwire)

Curtis TLP 12A

Curtis TLP 12A

Traditional Brewers make café-quality coffee, keep it hot for hours, and brew directly into attractive thermal airpots.  It’s a great choice for offices that regularly brews coffee for client meetings. The Curtis TLP coffee brewing system offers big performance yet takes up little space. It easily fits anywhere from kitchen counter to conference room.

  • The Advanced Flow Sprayhead (AFS) perfectly saturates the coffee grounds to extract the richest, fullest flavor from every type of coffee, resulting in a perfect brew every time.
  • Easily handles back-to-back brewing cycles.
  • Liquid level control interface prevents element burnout. No burnt coffee!
  • Temperature sensor and water filter eliminate mineral build-up.
  • Draw hot water for tea, hot chocolate or soup – even during the brew cycle.

Dimensions: 75”h x 9.13”w x 17.63”d
Weight: 29 lbs
Voltage: 120

De Jong Duke Virtu

De Jong Duke Virtu

The De Jong Duke Virtu is the first office brewer that can transform your break room into a coffee shop. This system combines Dutch design and American manufacturing to bring to your office: Espresso, coffee, and a wide selection of flavored drinks to satisfy all of your employees and clients.

The 10.4 inch color touchscreen brewer allows you to see your personalized drink selection with just a touch of your fingertips. Plus, a separate hot water outlet so you don’t get the coffee taste in your tea. Your employees have total control over each cup they brew. The filter-less CoEx brewing technology makes brewing energy efficient, unique and easy. The Virtu is a class on its own with the ability to make both fresh brewed coffee, tea and real espresso. Ideal for offices with 25+ employees.

  • Award winning design & user interface with 10,4″ full color touch screen.
  • Reliable Performance & Ease of use
  • Separate hot water outlet
  • Total drink-strength control
  • High Capacity Instant with simultaneous dispense option.
  • Upload images, advertising, and company pictures
  • Outlet indication & Cup sensor

Dimensions: Machine – 16.93″w x 34.25″h x 21″d, Base Cabinet – 16.93″w x 33.50″h x 21″d
Weight: 77.2 lbs.
Voltage: 120 VAC

CX3 Pod Brewer

CX3 Pod Brewer

Introducing the Cx-3 from Newco, your personal barista for speciality coffee drinks in the workplace. Enjoy delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, and more with the press of a button and all in under one minute. There’s never a reason to leave the workplace for great tasting coffee of speciality drinks again.

  • New Pump Design which reduces noise when the equipment is brewing and provides superior control over the brewing process.
  • Improved software for rinsing the whipper bowl to eliminate dripping after dispense of milk based drinks.
  • Universal Brew Mechanism for Pods.
  • Increased cup height: removable drip tray and adjustable legs provide the cup clearance for travel mugs.

Dimensions: 19.64″ (W) X 17.84″(H) X 15.2″ (D)
Weight: 90 lbs
Voltage: 120v 60HZ

Fetco GR 2.2

Fetco GR 2.2

The GR-2.2 dual hopper coffee grinder is portion controlled so you grind only the amount you need. Choose from two different batch sizes with the touch of a button. This unit’s powerful .5 Hp motor and precision slice grinding discs help deliver uniform grind profiles every time.

Dual hoppers are simple to remove, and allow for versatility in your product offerings. Grind directly into the brew basket to make grinding and brewing coffee quick and easy.

  • Perfect grind .5HP motor
  • Precise portion control
  • Programmable batch measurements
  • Removable 5lb hoppers for easy refilling

Dimensions: 28.5”H x 9.25”W x 15.5”D
Voltage: 120v

Bunn Dual Grinder

Bunn Dual Grinder

Want the aroma of freshly ground coffee in your office. powered by quiet, low speed, high torque motors. Has two hoppers for specialty coffee in 2 (3lb) hoppers. Preset measurements will ensure for the perfect amount each time you brew a pot.

  • Professional grind provided by large 3.19” (8.1 cm) diameter burrs powered by quiet, low speed, high torque motor.
  • Two hoppers allow for regular and decaf or specialty beans.
  • Large, clear bean hoppers merchandise 3 lbs. (1.36 lbs.) each of fresh coffee beans.
  • Easy access on back for grind weight adjustment. 
  • Allows you to add brew basket underneath the grind right into

Dimensions17.5”H x 8.6”W x 11”D
Voltage: 120v 60HZ

Bevi Smart Water Cooler

Bevi Smart Water Cooler

Hi, I’m Bevi.

Your still and sparkling, multi-flavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out.

I’m a great source of hydration for you and your colleagues. Some say that I am water, un-boring, while others say that my flavors taste great.

I provide high-quality filtered water from your tap. This minimizes your carbon footprint and greatly reduces your contribution to landfills.

I’m also one less thing to worry about. My filter and flavor levels are proactively monitored via the internet and then refilled by a member of the Buckhead Beans team. The only thing you have to do is enjoy Bevi.

Refill station
Bevi accepts any container. With a  single nozzle design and LED lighting, filling up is clean and easy.

Touchscreen dispense
This is where a user selects their custom drink; still, sparkling, flavored or not.

Countertop and Floor Standing Units

Water/power supply

  • Standard 3-prong US 120V electrical outlet, draws less than 9 amps.
  • 3/8” outer diameter water line.
Beverage-Air Kegerator

Beverage-Air Kegerator

Get caffeinated!  Take your break room, lobby, or pool deck to the next level with cold brew coffee on tap.  Cold brew coffee is brewed in cold water for 12-24 hours resulting in a smooth and more-caffeinated drink.  So tasty, refreshing, and enlivening. We offer Corvus Rwanda cold brew, brewed locally at the Corvus roast works on South Broadway.

Add sparkling water on tap too.  No more cans!  The Bev-Air Kegerator conceals up to 5 kegs and can run 2 taps so you can have cold brew and sparkling water in one unit.

  • Refrigerant used is CFC free
  • Swivel casters provide easy mobility
  • Continuous flow through insulated tower ensures that beverages are dispensed at the perfect temperature every time
  • No mess – spills from drain are captured in easy-to-empty spill bottle

Dimensions: 39”h x 29.5”d x 24” w (without tower) , 49.125” h x 29.5” d x 24” h (with tower)