If you do not see your question below, please send us an email, we are committed to helping you solve any break room or coffee issue.

  • Is your service more expensive?

    There are cheaper alternatives, but we offer the best value. There are less expensive options like low end “frac pack” (single serving) coffees and more expensive options such as K-Cups. Adding in any consideration of the labor lost from people stopping on the way to the office or leaving the office for high quality coffee or tea and K-Cups ending up in employees’ home machines, we are materially cheaper than other options. Our service also helps reduce office waste, extending our value to measurable sustainability and an overall reduction of breakroom to landfill waste.

  • Do we have to sign a contract?

    None.  Ever.  We do not require contracts.  If you are unhappy with your service, we will remove our equipment free of charge.

  • Do you deliver whole bean or ground coffee?

    Either. Fresh ground coffee tastes the best and we can provide you with grinders. If you prefer ground or pre-measured ground coffee, we can provide you with that as well. Because the coffee is ground fresh before delivery, it will still taste great.

  • Do you sell K cups or other single serve options?

    Yes – we sell a full line of K cups and offer Keurig equipment as well.  While we are generally not fans of K cups as they are expensive and wasteful and produce  poor coffee, we recognize that they are a good sole or supplemental option for some companies. We also offer higher quality single serve equipment.

    In keeping with our commitment to community, we sought out roasters who each have a significant presence in Atlanta. All of our beans are locally roasted.

  • How long does it take to set up service?

    Generally speaking, two to three weeks.

  • How do we place orders?

    There are several options.  First of all, you can place an order online using our order form. Our regular service calls should generally maintain your coffee and other break room inventories, but you can call or email us anytime with changes or if you are running out of something.  We also can service events such as a company meetings which present one time needs.