Why Buckhead?

Buckhead Beans has a commitment to our local community, and we partner with the best coffee roasters Atlanta has to offer.

In keeping with our commitment to community, we sought out roasters who each has a significant presence in Atlanta. All of our beans are locally roasted.

These roasters each share our dedication to ethically acquiring coffee beans. Certified as “Direct Trade” or “Fair Trade”, this means they maintain an ongoing mutually beneficial partnership with the farmers rather than an exploitive, transaction based relationship. Our roasters work with co-ops that are certified rain forest friendly and are growing coffee sustainably and often organically.

Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity and it is generally consumed by rich nations and grown by very poor nations. Unfair trade can be environmentally and economically devastating to the third world counties where most of the world’s coffee is grown.

Doing good and drinking good can be the same thing. Ask us how you can help the environment by composting your used coffee grounds and reducing your breakroom waste by ordering from our biodegradable line of cups, plates and silverware.

Our Process

The Consultation

The Consultation

Needs assessment: Our sales reps will sit down with you and discuss your office’s break room needs. This includes non coffee items such as snacks, tea, paper products, etc.

Coffee selection: We provide a coffee tasting to help you select the best taste, quantity, ground versus whole bean, and single cup options.

Break Room Analysis: We assess your current break room – water, electric, available break room space, refrigerator, etc.

Equipment Selection: Brewer, airpots, snack vending, break-room supplies.

The Installation

The Installation

In two to three weeks after the consultation, our trained professionals will install your equipment and begin your service. This will include programming your machine(s) to the right settings for a perfect pot of coffee every time.

The Service

The Service

Deliver Coffee: We visit your office on a regular schedule to monitor your breakroom and to replace any leftover coffee with a fresh supply.

Re-Order: While in your office, our sales rep will order coffee from our roasters so that it will be ready to be picked up fresh for your next scheduled delivery.

Clean Equipment: We replace the airpots as needed and clean the brewing equipment.

Replace other supplies: paper products, cups, creamers, etc

Replace refreshments: coffee, tea, sodas, snacks

Service Equipment: replace water filters and recommended equipment servicing.

Repeat: for as long as you like

Our Service

Full Breakroom Services

Full Breakroom Services

Through our affiliate company, familybreakroom.com, we are able to offer a full line of break room products.

We want to be your one stop solution for all your break room needs including:

  • All coffee accessories including stirrers, creamers, sweeteners
  • Cups and paper products (including biodegradable options)
  • Snacks in vending machines or not, healthy/organic or more traditional choices
  • Bottled water, soda
  • Full line of janitorial and cleaning supplies
  • Coffee, morning meeting catering services
Our Service Pledge to You

Our Service Pledge to You

We will do everything in our powers to make your morning coffee experience as perfect as possible.

We will never require contracts, period. Superior coffee, equipment, and service is what we stand behind.

We will use state of the art, café quality equipment that is easy to use, maintain, and that brews an incredible cup of coffee.

We will deliver fresh coffee to your office within 3 days of roasting ensuring you the highest quality coffee at all times.

We will monitor the inventory of every item in your break room is to ensure that it is properly stocked

We will work to solve any issues that you have as quickly as humanly possible.